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25 March 2024. We invite you to subscribe to our new newsletter. This newsletter is the result of a cooperation of affected people who want to inform together about human rights violations committed with the help of neuroweapons and directed energy weapons.

We are people from different countries who have been attacked with high-tech weapons for a long time and who want to inform about this new form of torture and human rights violations. We do not represent any political direction and are independent of the media and political parties. Our goal is to educate people about secret research and human rights violations committed with the help of secret neurotechnology.

For over 60 years, research has been conducted into technologies that can manipulate both the human body and mind. We see it as our duty to bring these technologies to light and expose the inhumane methods of torture that can lead to the increasing enslavement of humanity.

If you are interested in a future where people are free to decide their fate, we ask you to support us in our fight. You can do this by subscribing to our newsletter and forwarding the information you receive.

The future is uncertain. Let’s fight for a free world!

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