Something – a secret torture system – is very wrong with democracy

Peter Mooring – STOPEG, 25 November 2023.

Last update: 25 November 2023

[Democracy is a US military operation. World domination through democracy. Democracy is fantastic. And we, the US, help you implement your country’s security system, read: After that we control everything.]

One of the distinguishing elements of a democracy is that there is no torture … they say. Ingeniously conceived but of course that is not possible at all. So torture is state secret in a democracy. Today, everyone has been so brainwashed that no one believes torture is practiced in a democracy. (I couldn’t believe it myself in the beginning, while being non-stop attacked, it took a year to flip the switch).

Sometimes citizens must be stopped, coerced, punished, sometimes people are needed for (human) experimentation or even other purposes. This is where torture is used in democracies. Because there is freedom of speech and a rule of law, secret torture is the only option left. People are suddenly attacked, without any official accusation, not in prison but in their habitat (living environment). The attacks, called interventions, are carefully crafted and designed to be short, that is why they are no less than maximum psychological torture. They aim to cause the mental or physical death of a person, read: Remove them from society, destroy their credibility (mental case, criminal record).

Problem: This all worked fine until the Internet became commonplace. Then victims of this torture started posting their stories online. In the meantime, the US had developed new weapons, Directed Energy Weapons, and are developing Neurotechnologies. This enabled them to torture people invisibly, from a distance and even through-wall: Unprovable physical and psychological torture.

Problem: Since the Havana Syndrome (pulsed microwave attacks on US and Canadian diplomats and security personnel), there is mainstream information that these kinds of weapons exist. In March 2023 the U.S. blocked all information about this, but they were too late.

Survivors of this torture in democracies found similar stories on the internet. They connected and call themselves Targeted Individuals. They are a kind of “leak” of the system, they should never have survived, should never been able to share their stories with everyone. That is why they ALL must be ignored, ridiculed or labeled mentally ill. Otherwise, the system will fall over.

The torture system, yes it is a system, includes many disinformation (government) agents. Some are pretending to be victims trying to make the real victims look bad, distract and/or mislead them. Other disinformation comes from psychologists, journalists, Wikipedia pages, etc. Many people, including psychiatrists and human rights lawyers, know what is going on, but stay silent.

If you never heard of this then ask yourself the following question: Why would anyone want to associate with a group of people (Targeted Individuals) that is ignored, ridiculed, or labeled mentally ill. Why would people put their stories online, sometimes even with their full names, why would they write letters to their governments, human rights organizations, the OHCHR, the ICC, why would they testify before the President Obama Bioethics Commission? Why would they start their own human rights organizations? Why would they do this risking more punishment and destruction of their lives? The reason is, of course, that they are fighting to exposes these crimes, fighting for recognition, for investigations, for compensations. Everything that is done to them is against the law, violates basic human rights, international agreements against torture. You can compare them to the MK-ULTRA victims.

Many victims of these crimes mention that they are experimented upon, that they are guinea pigs for new methods and weapons development. Others mention that they are provoked to commit crimes. If the victim survives and/or attempts to expose these crimes, the torture does not stop. It is a lifetime sentence. And because the torture is a state secret in democracies, victims can go nowhere.

The war on terror gave unprecedented powers to law enforcement, intelligence agencies. No longer committing a crime, but prevention became most important. Who decides, who is responsible? Serious oversight is lacking.

One should never compare torture. But here we have on the one hand people that are tortured in prison (like Guantanamo Bay), and recognized as victims by human rights organizations, and on the other hand people that are tortured without any official accusation, in their habitat (living environment), often also victims of the most heinous abuse of weapons and scientific-military experiments, not recognized but ignored, and with a lifetime sentence.

Something is very wrong with democracy.

Peter Mooring
STOPEG Foundation (STOP Electronic weapons and Gangstalking)

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