Control Factor (2002)

In January 2003 the film ‘Control Factor’ was released. The main character Lance was hearing voices that told him to murder his wife Karen. Later in the film his wife appeared appeared to be an agent, her real name in the film was Medusa.

My, what a coincidence:

MEDUSA (weapon)

MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio)…/dn14250-microwave-ray…/

In the ‘Control Factor’ film, the important scene starts at minute 40 where Lance shoots his wife Karen because the voices tell him to do this. Then Karen gets up and talks to her watch:

Karen: Control, this is Medusa.

Control: Go ahead Medusa, status update …

Medusa: Subject has been compromised.

Lance: Karen …

Medusa: You failed the test.

Few moments later, in the mind control room:

Woman: Sir, the director is on the line for you.

Mind controller: Good evening director.

Director: I trust things are in order?

Mind controller: Yes, the test was a success. It seems that the resolve of a man is no strong than the neurons firing in his brain.

Director: What is his status?

Mind controller: There is increased signs of stress in his cerebral cortex, some alpha spikes, but otherwise his brain tissue remains healthy.

Director: How about long term side effects, microwaves?

Mind controller: Not that we can see.

Director: And that would hold too for everyone?

Mind controller: Well it should, technology is quite harmless.

The conversation in the film goes on:

Medusa: When you start phase two, what happens then?

Mind controller: Well, we will expand, from individuals to a larger population.

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