How Directed Energy Weapons became secret and illegal weapons of Political Control in European Western democracies and were used for human experimentation

How Directed Energy Weapons became secret and illegal weapons of Political Control in European Western democracies and were used for human experimentation

In the 1990’s, the EU was investigating (again) technology and weapons for Political Control:

European Parliament
Directorate General for Research, Directorate B, The STOA Programme
January 1998

5.6 Second Generation Incapacitation Weapons
Thus a second generation of kinetic, chemical, optico-acoustic, microwave, disabling and paralysing technologies is on the horizon, to join the existing arsenal of weapons designed for public order control. ... Already they have come up with a pandora's box of new technologies. These include:
    Microwave and acoustic disabling systems. (see Fig. 34)

The work done so far has led to dubious weapons based on dubious research, strongly influenced by commercial rather than humanitarian considerations. There is a pressing need for a wide ranging debate in the European Parliament of the humanitarian and civil liberties implications of allowing these weapons on to European soil to become part of the technology of political control in the EU. Much of the work that has been undertaken in secret, but part of the bibliography of the present report covers a representative sample of the available literature. What is required is a much more detailed assessment of these weapons than space permits here and it is recommended that a new study be commissioned to achieve this work. In the meantime, it would be useful to ask for the European Commission to report on existing liaison arrangements between Member States and the US on Non-lethal weapons and the nature and extent of any joint activities.


(iv). The Commission should be requested to report on the existing liaison arrangements for the second generation of non-lethal weapons to enter European Union from the USA and call for an independent report on their alleged safety as well as their intended and unforeseen social and political effects. During the interim period, deployment by the police, the military or paramilitary special forces, of US made or licensed chemical irritant, kinetic, acoustic, laser, electromagnetic frequency, capture, entanglement, injector or electrical disabling and paralysing weapons, should be prohibited within Europe.

These Directed Energy Weapons, also called non-lethal weapons, were already tested on unwitting civilians before the 1990’s. Major development was done by the US.

These weapons became usable for Political Control during the 1990’s. They were distributed by the US to their European allies, but never approved by the European Union, see European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Because there are no laws approving this, this means that European Western democracies became ‘rogue’ at the end of the 1990’s, early 2000’s. I do not know about laws in the US.

From the document:

CROWD CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES (An appraisal of technologies for political control)
European Parliament
Directorate General for Research, Directorate A, The STOA Programme
June 2000

6.2 Design, Role & Function of 2nd Generation 'Less-Lethal' Weapons. According to the new NATO doctrine, 'non-lethal' weapons should enhance the capability of NATO forces to achieve objectives such as, to "
(i) accomplish military missions and tasks in situations and conditions where the use of lethal force, although not prohibited, may not be necessary or desired;
(ii) discourage, delay, prevent or respond to hostile activities;
(iii) limit or control escalation;
(iv) improve force protection;
(v) repel or temporarily incapacitate personnel;
(vi) disable equipment or facilities;
(vii) Help decrease the post-conflict costs of reconstruction."

Current doctrine says it is unrealistic to "assume away" civilians and non combatants, taking the view that the US must be able to execute its missions in spite of and/or operating in the midst of civilians. Therefore the US Army 'Non-Lethal Warfare Requirements' assume a 'dirty battlefield' which means 'civilians and noncombatants will be mixed' and therefore targeted together. In such circumstances, seven 'non-lethal common tasks' were identified at a 1996 conference on Non-lethal weapons (hosted by the American Defense Preparedness Society), namely
(i) incapacitate /stop an individual (in a room, in a crowd, fleeing);
(ii) distract individual (in a room, in a crowd);
(iii) seize individual (in a crowd, singly/stationary, moving);
(iv) stop a vehicle (approaching, retreating);
(v) block an area (to vehicles, to personnel);
(vi) control crowds (Stop approach, Encourage dispersal) and
(vii) disarm/neutralize equipment.
In 1996, the non-lethal tools identified by the Army for these missions included anti-traction; acoustics; entanglements/nets; malodorous munitions; barriers; foams; 'non lethal' mines; directed energy systems; isotropic radiators and radio frequency weapons. Three years later the chairman of that conference (the former head of Los Alamos' Disabling Weapons Program, Col. John B Alexander), identified potential target categories for these 'non-lethal weapons' as: combatants, criminals, hostages, hostages(willing), non combatants, rioters, refugees and disaster victims.

A dubious Pandoras Box of new crowd control/crowd punishment weapons has emerged, designed to be media-friendly and appear, rather than be, safe. If these weapons, when deliberately targeted at innocent civilians, can actually maim and kill we are not talking about humane, bloodless 'operations other than war.' Despite the epithet 'non-lethal', what we have at work here is an innovative multi-million dollar public relations exercise, on a mission of winning friends and influencing people. As Steve Metz of the Strategic Studies Institute at the US Army War College in Pennsylvania puts it, 'There is always a marine with a rifle standing behind the one with a glue gun'.


6.3.4 Directed Energy Weapons


The most controversial 'non-lethal' crowd control and anti-materiel technology proposed by the US are so called Radio Frequency or Directed Energy Weapons that can allegedly manipulate human behaviour in a variety of unusual ways. Some microwave systems have been proposed which can raise body temperature to between 105 to 107 degrees F, to provide a disabling effect in a manner based on the microwave cooker principle. However, the greatest concern is with systems which can directly interact with the human nervous system. There are many reports on so called psychotronic weapons which are beyond the brief of this study but one comment can be made. The research undertaken to date both in the US and in Russia can be divided into two related areas: (i) individual mind control and (ii) crowd control. That the US has undertaken a variety of mind control programmes in the past such as MkULTRA and MkDELTA is a matter of public record and those using electromagnetic radiation such as PANDORA have been the focus of researchers in para-politics for many years. More recently, authors such as Begich and Roderick have alleged significant breakthroughs in the ability of military high frequency electromagnetic technologies to manipulate human behaviour.

What is admitted by the military authorities in the US is that research programmes using so called directed energy weapons for anti-personnel and anti-material purposes are proceeding into prototype stages.

The new weapons potentially offer the torturing states a spine chilling arsenal of repressive instruments. Whilst the genie of advanced crowd control weapons may not go back into the bottle, there is still time for the European Union to develop consistent and appropriate structures of accountability. Pugwash considered that "each of the emerging less-lethal weapons technologies required urgent examination and that their development or adoption should be subject to public review". The process should be transparent, adaptable and open to public and political scrutiny. Any class of technology shown to be excessively injurious, cruel, inhumane or indiscriminate, should be either prohibited or subject to stringent and democratic control.

The military (including NATO) and intelligence agencies suggest that they are (still) researching these technologies while in fact, weapon systems based on these technologies are fully operational and used against civilians in Western democratic countries.

For the (continuous) development of these weapons, people (guinea pigs) are needed. Because of counterterrorism laws, prevention of crimes became more important then committing a crime, innocent people could be easily selected for human experimentation.

Advanced psychological torture and Directed Energy Weapons are first used to dehumanize a person, force into psychiatry, or make commit a crime. Once this has been achieved, human experimentation can be applied.

Directed Energy Weapons are also used for punishment of people exposing the illegal usage of these weapons.

The use of these weapons is kept a secret, even in the Intelligence community not many people were aware of them before the Havana Syndrome.

The secrecy makes this weapons perfect for Political Control, the ones controlling them have unprecedented powers.

With these weapons it is possible to cause known health issues, like heart problems, kidney problems, mental problems, etc., all from a distance, through-wall, and best of all, without leaving any evidence.

Of course, the secret use of these weapons is in direct conflict with ‘democracy’.

As the laws in the EU does not allow the usage of these technologies, the question is who is pushing the buttons of the weapons used in European Western democracies.

If these weapons are hidden under the category of surveillance devices, then the ‘disruption’ effect without doubt can be controlled remotely.

One of the biggest problems for the controllers of these weapons is the fact that victims, survivors, of attacks and torture with these weapons, put their stories on the internet, write letters to human rights organizations, etc.

All the disinformation that has been spread for decades to discredit these victims finally was exposed by the information about Havana Syndrome. Although much information is suppressed (by the CIA), there is enough evidence that these weapons exist, and are in use for at least three decades.

There are a lot of reasons not to declassify these these weapons, but one of the most important is that declassification will change the narrative about the civilian victims.

This will not only create a legal mess, but probably also mean the end of the (remaining) credibility of Western democratic countries.

Finally: Why would a Western democracy need such secret and illegal weapons for Political Control?

Answer: A Western democracy is not a democracy but an illusion of a democracy.

The high priests of Western democracies preach non-stop that their countries are a democracy, that there is freedom of speech, that there is a rule of law, that they respect human rights, that Western democracies are the good guys and all other countries are bad. The opposite is true. Western democracies use carefully crafted propaganda, brainwashing, mass surveillance, hidden and secret repression, violate human rights, torture their citizens, and destabilize other countries openly and secretly with the aim to control them and steal their resources.

These weapons are a very important tool to maintain the illusion of democracy in Western democracies.

Peter Mooring


Dr Steve Wright – Director of the Omega Foundation
25-26 October 2002. London, UK

Non-kinetic-energy weapons termed ‘non-lethal’
A Preliminary Assessment under International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law
Stuart Casey-Maslen
October 2010

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